If you don´t trust any encryption and don´t want to enter your personal data in an online shop to buy cannabis seeds, we can offer an old fashioned, but unbeatable secure way: order cannabis seeds by postal order with cash payment.

To keep it simple we provide you with an order from for postal orders, which you can print and fill out. Add your cash payment in EUR, USD or CHF and send it with registered mail to the stated address. Please don´t forget to add shipping costs if you order less than EUR 120.– and need shipping to your address. We recommend to add an email address to give us the chance to communicate if we have any questions, but this is optional.

In case we don´t have your email address we will handle raising questions as follows:

– a strain is sold out -> we will send back the money for this product

– you don´t send the whole payment amount -> we probably will send you less seeds to compensate the lack of money

– the address is wrong -> the parcel returns to us and we have to wait for your request

Your order is entered in our books as anonymous cash sale – no recording of your data at all !

Order form here

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